About us

Welcome to Giesemann Aquaristik

The professional partner for premium aquariums and high-end aquarium lighting. For more than 30 years we have been developing and producing LED aquarium lighting, aquarium covers and custom-made aquariums in Germany.

In our product range you will find everything for the most beautiful hobby in the world and everything that is needed for the successful operation of an aquarium. Starting with complete aquarium sets, custom-made aquariums and of course our handmade aquarium lighting. Whether you want to run a marine aquarium or a freshwater aquarium / aquascape or a tropical community tank.
Why Giesemann?

We offer our customers more than 30 years of know-how. All products are 100% developed and manufactured in Germany. Quality starts with the material and therefore we use materials from German production wherever possible. For example, we use aluminium or crystal glass from German production and even our self-developed electronics are completely manufactured in Germany. This allows us to guarantee not only the maximum quality of our products, but also the greatest possible sustainability. Even after many years, it is therefore possible for us to repair your product.

If a product does not meet your requirements and / or wishes, custom-made products are no obstacle for us.

  •     History and know-how for over 30 years
  •     Development and production 100% in Germany
  •     Innovations and well thought-out concepts
  •     Durable and robust products
  •     Handmade products by industry specialists
  •     High-quality materials
  •     Absolute sustainability and highest environmental standards
  •     Customer service by telephone
  •     Delivery ex works from Germany
  •     Reliable and trustworthy trade partners
  •     Up to 48 months warranty on our products
  •     Fair financing offers on request
  •     Absolute flexibility
  •     Maximum customer and service orientation